Having established a strong client base built on reputation and recommendation, with an exceptional track record of providing a high level of individual wealth creation solutions.


EPIC; an exceptionally long and arduous task or activity


Our name tells a story, and it’s meaning is “an exceptionally long and arduous task or activity”. We develop long lasting relationships with our clients, working with them for the long term to look after and grow their investment portfolio.

We continue to work hard to ensure your investments are safe, secure and deliver the highest returns tailored to your individual requirements, navigating you on your financial journey and introducing you to exciting opportunities for investment.

Whilst we are not financial planners, our service is designed specifically for individuals who are looking to invest in property or within an alternative investment market. A lot of what we do is built around you as an individual, talking you through the investment market and planning how our investment portfolio strategies will help you grow your wealth. We focus on the bigger picture, looking at both your short-term and long-term objectives. We will show you opportunities for income and capital growth that supports your lifestyle, family and retirement plans.

Once you have an investment portfolio, you need to protect it. We work closely with industry experts in tax & estate planning to ensure you are getting the best advice on how to structure your estate to ensure your loved ones will enjoy as much of your wealth as possible.

Greg Ford – Director

Greg launched Epic Investments following the demands of his families financial services business that has been operating since 1989. Greg says “Epic Investments was designed  specifically with investors requirements and demands in mind. Being an Investor/Developer, I noticed a gap in the market for good, honest advice within the property and alternative investments industry”.

For Greg, helping clients create wealth and build their dream lifestyle is the best aspect of his role at Epic Investments. As a hands-on director who is passionate about the calibre of our work, Greg is fiercely proud of the difference he makes to clients’ lives. Discovering new opportunities for investment and completing due diligence to ensure compatibility for clients, is at the forefront of the business. He says his greatest achievement is winning a coveted ‘Agent of the Year’ title from developer partners three years in a row.

Asked to describe himself in three words, Greg says he is entrepreneurial, professional and fun. And even after 15 years working to maximise customers’ investments, he would describe his day as ‘thrilling, fast-paced and busy’.

Greg also makes a positive impact outside of work with some key charity contributions. He is vice chairman of the West Midlands branch of Sense as well as being a dedicated supporter of the Buddy Bag Foundation.  View our blog post here

If Greg was Prime Minister for the day, he would have his sights set on an important law change! He says: “I’d certainly look into tax laws in the UK and make a basic flat rate of tax for everyone – to encourage young entrepreneurs to stay in the UK, entice other business figures to come to the UK and make our country great again!”

Rachel Woodward – Sales Director


As a family operated business, Rachel is Greg’s sister and as her role as Sales Director she is here to make sure opportunities to create profits for our clients are as strong as they can be. She’s conscientious, motivated and efficient – identifying the best potential for investment and researching viability of returns to ensure the best outcome. For her, each day is challenging, rewarding and non-stop.

Explaining her role, Rachel says: I carry out due diligence around those products whether it be a single property in which case it would be surveyor reports, analysis of tenant demand in the area and costings for development. On larger products such as hotel resorts, there’s more due diligence surrounding the company, viability of guaranteed returns and factors affecting those markets to be checked out.

It’s just as important for Rachel to identify customers’ specific needs and their unique aspirations as to what they want to achieve through investing so that they can gain maximum profit and realistic guidance as to which is the best solution for them.

Rachel’s favourite part of the job is to see how unloved properties can blossom into fantastic completed projects ready to secure great returns. “If only walls could talk, they would have some very interesting stories to tell,” she says. She also loves the on-going brilliant client feedback thanks to Epic’s guidance in helping them see their investment hopes become a reality.


Asked for a favourite saying, Rachel quotes Sir Richard Branson.

She says: “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing & by falling over. Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.”