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The city itself is the sixth most populous in the UK.



The city itself is the 6th most populous in the UK Student population of 48,900



The biggest multi-use tourist attraction outside of London



Is the average weekly wage with a 60.5% employment rate – contributing to a strong rental market


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Liverpool is linked to the rest of the country via train. It takes two hours to get to London, one hour to reach Manchester, just under two hours to reach Sheffield, around one and a half hours to reach Leeds and three hours to reach Newcastle.

This is an international airport which connects Liverpool to the world. Liverpool is also within close reach of Manchester Airport, another international hub.

Plans for a £35m regeneration of the station and the area around it are expected to get the official go ahead soon.


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The average price of a house in Liverpool is £135,210 and the average across the city region is £148,680, according to the Centre for Cities.

Average rent in the city is £707 PCM. The market in Liverpool is growing in strength and will continue to become more prosperous as the city does.

In addition, the very strong student market and high rates of student retention following graduation ensure a healthy churn of renters in the city.


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The employment rate in the city stands at 60.5%, which is not as high as it could be, however the upcoming massive investments planned for the city should help to change this.

The ‘Liverpool Waters’ project, along with the ‘Wirral Waters’ project on the opposite bank of the Mersey, should provide thousands of local people with employment.

The average wage per week stands at £482.10 in the city and £465.00 in the wider region. This compares well with Shef eld, Leeds and Manchester.



Liverpool is a city in the North West

Liverpool is a city in the North West and the heart of the Liverpool/Birkenhead metropolitan borough which directly abuts Greater Manchester on one side and the Irish Sea on the other.

Liverpool has a GVA (Gross Value Added) of £13.7bn and the City Region as a whole has a GVA of £28.3bn, making Liverpool/Birkenhead a significant contributor to the UK economy at large.

Liverpool has been the site of hundreds of millions of pounds of redevelopment in recent years. Sites such as Liverpool ONE shopping complex, the RopeWalks, the Lime Street Gateway and the Commercial District (among others) have added much value to the city. Much, much more is anticipated in the coming years.

Halton is home to some of the most cutting edge science research in the country, for instance the facility at Sci-Tech Daresbury. (Liverpool City Region Investment Guide 2016)

Knowsley is the centre of advanced manufacturing in the Liverpool region and is home to large companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, QVC and Matalan. Knowsley business park is the most significant in the region.

Covering 1200 acres, more than 800 businesses and 16,000 jobs call Knowsley business park home. (Liverpool City Region Investment Guide 2016) Sefton is home to several multi-national companies such as Fujitsu and Santander. (Liverpool City Region Investment Guide 2016)


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