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Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire.



GVA of approx. £30bn making it a major contributor to the UK



Very healthy rental market and predicted to keep growing – a very prosperous market



Investment into people’s skills from local businesses keeping employment strong.


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The Supertram is Sheffield’s local light rail network which provides transport around the city and also to local destinations such as Rotherham.

As part of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’, Sheffield will bene t from improved transport across the region.

Sheffield is the last major city centre in the country without a significant retail centre (though the city does have the Meadowhall development on the outskirts).


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The average price of a house in Sheffield is £157,003 and the average across the city region is £144,820, according to the Centre for Cities. Various figured can be found from a number of sources but those values seem to be the best average.

Average rent in the city is £729 PCM, roughly the same as Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. The market in Sheffield is certainly healthy and is projected to keep growing.

Private student accommodation is a particularly healthy sector in Sheffield.


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Investment in the city and people’s skills from local business keeps the employment market strong. The city’s steel industry has survived in the face of globalisation by specialising rather than continuing mass production.

Investment in quality over quantity and a strong attitude towards helping themselves has kept the employment market in Sheffield as strong as possible.

Foreign investors are keen to get involved with the high quality Sheffield name, such as the American firm Ajax-Ceco which recently awarded a Sheffield steel firm a £1m contract over cheaper Korean opposition.



Sheffield has a higher than average number of international students.

The ‘Steel City’ is one of the eight largest regional cities which make up the ‘Core Cities Group’ and it is the third largest English district by population.

Additionally, there are more than 250 parks, woodlands and gardens in the city, giving Sheffield the highest ratio of trees to people in Europe. 61% of the city is green space and a third 560, 000 of the city lies in the Peak District.

Sheffield sits at the heart of the Sheffield City Region which covers South Yorkshire. The City Region takes in Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Bolsover, Chester eld, Derbyshire Dales, Doncaster, North East Derbyshire, Rotherham and Sheffield itself.

Sheffield has a GVA (Gross Value Added) of £15.55bn and the City Region as a whole has a GVA of £30bn, making South Yorkshire a major contributor to the UK economy.

Sheffield was voted the best city for ‘student experience’ by students in the latest Times Higher Education survey.

“Made in Sheffield” is a world famous mark of quality and Sheffield is the only UK city with a trademarked name.

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