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  • REASON 1

    The city itself has a GVA of approximately £20bn.

  • REASON 2

    Leeds is the second centre of banking in the UK

  • REASON 3

    Leeds is an attractive destination for big business.

  • REASON 4

    The city region is home to the fastest growing population of working age adults in the UK.


Leeds City Guide

Leeds is a city and metropolitan borough in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Leeds is one of the largest cities and regions in the UK and is a part of the ‘Core Cities’ group. The region takes in important towns and cities such as Huddersfield, Bradford, Wake eld, Halifax, Harrogate and Keighley.

During the Industrial Revolution, Leeds was a major mill town as well as being a home for metal working printing, wool, engineering and many other industries.

Today, Leeds is still a manufacturing region, if not to the same extent it once was, as well as being a key financial and knowledge centre.