10% fixed returns for up to 5 years

We believe we have secured one of the most effective and secure property based, yet diversified investment opportunities in the UK today.


  • LOW ENTRY: Invest from £10,000
  • SAFE: Offer of corporate bonds
  • SECURE: Secured by a debenture and fixed and floating charge against the companies assets


Bonds have been issued for many years, and used in many different ways. Working with a team of experienced financiers, who have developed financial products for the Unregulated market place in the form of Bonds and Loan Notes, we are able to offer an investment opportunity that gives a low entry investment level, that is safe and very secure.

What is a Bond?

Just as people need money, so do companies and governments. A company needs funds to expand into new markets, while governments need money for everything from infrastructure to social programs. The problem large organisations typically need far more money than the average bank is willing to provide. One solution is to raise money by issuing bonds (or other debt instruments). Numbers of investors then lend a portion of the capital needed. Really, a bond is nothing more than a loan for which the investor is the lender. The organisation that sells a bond is known as the issuer. You can think of a bond certificate as an IOU given by a borrower (the issuer) to a lender (the investor).

Of course, nobody will lend their hard-earned money for nothing. The issuer of a bond must pay the investor something extra for the privilege of using his or her money. This “extra” comes in the form of coupon payments, which are made at a predetermined rate and frequency. The date on which the issuer has to repay the amount borrowed (known as face value) is called the maturity date. Bonds are known as fixed-income securities because you know the exact amount of cash you’ll get back if you hold the security until maturity.